Monday, March 20, 2017

Butterflyy Affair - Release A Butterfly

Register today for Sandy's Land, ButterFLYY Affair Butterfly Release for $20. Recommended for all ages. Guests will have an opportunity to enjoy some delicious treats, get face painting and release their very own butterfly. Advance registration is required for Supplies.

2:00 pm at the Riverside Marina, 11000 Freud St., Detroit MI 48214.

We will see YOU on Sunday, June 4, 2017.
Release a butterfly in honor of someone graduating, anniversary, lupus warrior, cancer survivor or just for the fun of it.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Afro Puff Cutie - Pillow Paint Party

Afro Puff Cutie Pillow Paint Party
$500 for 8 Girls
Age 7 to 16

Package Includes

☆16"x16" Pillow Form and Case with outline of design
☆ A Variety of Acrylic Paint, Glow In the Paint, Brushes, Glitter, Button & Rhinestones
☆Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins, and Apron
☆Pretty Girl Game
☆Gift Give Away

There is an option for face painting, glitter tattoo or henna. Each additional guest it is $45. A 50% deposit is required to hold the date and the remaining balance is due 48 hours prior to party. Pillow Paint Party should be booked three weeks prior to actual schedule date. There is a $90 cancellation fee. Time frame of service is 3 to 4 hours. Call 313-492-6953 or email

All artwork are original designs by Sandra Epps which includes pillow designs, face and body paint. 

Sandy's Land will bring the fun to you. A travel fee is added if party location is 30 minutes beyond Northwest Detroit. Add ons include Fruits of Love Table, Dance Instructor, and Fun Gift bags with Gourmet Chocolate Treats. 


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Naturally Sexy Pillow Paint Party

Naturally Sexy Diva Pillow Paint Party is for Adults 18 years of age and older. Minimum of ten people. It is $50 per person with a 50% Deposit. Remaining balance is due 48 hours prior to party. Must book three weeks in advance prior to event date.
Supplies include: 
☆16"x16" pillow form and case
☆Variety of Acrylic Paints this include Glow in the Dark Paint
☆Paint Brushes, Aprons, Glue, Rhinestones and Glitter
☆Table Cloth, Plates, Cups & Paper Towel 
☆A choice of Dance Instructor or Chair Massages from Therapist for party attendees
☆Some Gift Give-Away

We have add on such as henna or glitter tattoos. We bring the Fun to you. Call 313-492-6953 to book your Pillow Paint Party

All artist work is created by Sandra Epps

Monday, January 9, 2017

Ms. Sandy the Face & Body Painter

 Sandy's Land at All Things Detroit
Face Painting at the Boys & Girls Club

If you want to add some Fun and a Pop of Vibrant Color include Face Painting at your next Party.
Stay Tuned for Realistic Tattoos
$100 for 1 hour, $135 for 1 hour and 30 minutes, $165 for 2 hours, $215 for 3 hours...
TRAVEL FEE IS ADDED if venue is 30 minutes beyond Northwest Detroit
Call 313-492-6953

Ms. Sandy the Face and Body Painter

 Abstract Butterfly Face & Neck Painting 2017
 Tiger Face & Neck Painting 2016
Butterfly Body Painting 2016

Hello My Name is Sandra Epps and I am a Professional Face & Body Painter. I have over seven years of experience. In 2001 I recreived my BFA in Fiber Arts (Textiles) from Wayne State University. When dressed in character I go by Ms. Sandy. Cheek, Full Face, Arm and Leg Paintings are typically what is done at Birthday Parties, Reunions, Church Functions, After School Program, Block Parties, etc. 

Body Paintings are great for celebrating Wedding Anniversaries, 50th Birthday, Music Videos, Book Trailers, Big Weight Loss, Surprise Party for Spouse, or Business Grand Openings.

Pricing start at $100
Call today at 313-492-6953

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dolled Up Pillow Paint Party

Sandy's Land Mini Pillows for Paint Parties
Afro Puff Girl, Bright Butterfly, Detroit Renaissance Skyline and Love Bug are a few 6 inch pillow designs to choose from. This would be great for Girls ages 5 to 16 or adults.

$20 per person
Minimum of 10 people
Supplies includes: pillows with design, paint, rhinestone, yarn, buttons, ribbon, and glue. We supply aprons, cups and plates for each guest to use. The facilitator will need access to water.

Add ons: Glitter Tattoos $5 person, Face Painting $100 for 1 hour, and Gift Bags $10 person. Gift bags can include jewelry, change purse or $5 gift card to small businesses for example: 1917 American Bistro, Good Cakes Baked, or Naturally Blessed Smoothies.

The pillows are hand made and sketched on by Ms. Sandy so we request 3 to 4 weeks in advance scheduling for this party. Call Sandy's Land today at 313-492-6953 to book this party and place a 50% deposit. Deposits are made through PayPal.

An additional fee for travel is added if location is 30 minutes beyond 18100 Meyers, Detroit MI. Feel free to do mapquest to get the distance.

Sample of Afro Puff Girl Six Inch Pillow. These pillows were created by Gabby Farmer and the Afro Puff Girl was sketched/painted by Sandra Epps.

This Living Dolls Painting at Sandy's Land 4th Annual Detroit Doll Show

The Girls getting started with their Pillow Paint Workshop at Sandy's Land 4th Annual Detroit Doll Show.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Pamper & Paint Pillow Packages

Sandy’s Land presents the
Pamper & Paint Pillow Parties

Pillow Paint Party                  Pamper & Paint Pillow
$45 per person                          $65 per person
10 person minimum                  6 person minimum
Glitter tattoos & Paint               15 minute massage & Pillow Paint
2 hours                                       3.5 hours

Spa Time Pamper & Paint           Pamper Plus Paint Party       
$115 per person                               $155 per person
4 person minimum                          3 person minimum
Mini Mani & Massage & Paint       Mini Mani, Foot Soak & Paint
3 to 4 hours                                      3 to 4 hours

All parties includes: pillow forms, cases, paints, brushes, rhinestones, cups, and paper towel. Most pillows come with pre-sketched designs. Travel fee may be included if party is 30 minutes pass Northwest Detroit $10 to $20 extra.

Parties that included massages, manicures and or foot soak must be  booked 2 to 4 weeks in advance. A non refundable $100 deposit is required to hold the date. For the Pillow Paint Party package booked MondayThursday get $5 for $40 person. Call 313-492-6953 or email to schedule a Pajama Jam Pillow Paint Party, Girl’s Night Out, Bridal Shower, etc.

Pillow Paint Party

Childhood Friends at the PaJama Jam Pillow Paint Party