Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Glitter & Glam Party Packages

Sandy's Land Travel Entertainment will bring the Glitter Glam to YOU! Girl's Love anything that shine so Keep Calm and Sparkle! Glitter & Glam parties provide Girls the opportunity to express their creativity with the use of glitter. Each project is unique and will become a personal masterpiece of bling. Sandy's Land will need 15 to 30 minutes prior to set up. Check out the party packages listed and we can customize a Glitter Glam party for all ages.  

 Shower with Sparkle
1.5 Hours for up to 12 Guest $195
*Party Host
*Henna Tattoo
*Glam your Glass
*Small Gift for each Guest
*Girl Talk Activity

Each guest will be provided a round glass to create a candle holder or Girly Glitz drinking glass. Supplies will include glitter, glass, glue, q-tips, paint brush, sponges, tape, krylon uv-resistant clear acrylic coating. It is $15 each additional guest.

Love to SHINE, Glitter & Glam
2 Hours for up to 12 Guest $240
*Party Host
*Face Paint
*Bling your Canvas Arts & Craft
*Small Cake
*Table Decor
* Gift for Honoree
*Small gift for each guest
*Girl Fortune Activity

Each guest will receive a 12 X 12 Canvas. Design options are I (heart) me, large heart with swirls or blank canvas for Girls to Go Glitter WILD with their artistic expression. Supplies will include 5 to 12 different shades of glitter, glue, sponges, brushes, rhinestones, script paints and letter stencils. Face Paints designs will include shimmer tones, glitter and rhinestone. It is $15 each additional guest. Chair covers, sash and carpet included.

Glitter & Glam Fashionista
2.5 Hours for up to 12 Guest $270
*Party Host
*T-shirt Creative Piece
*Face Paint, Henna or Glitter Tattoos
*Table Decor
*Small Gift for each guest
* 1 Game
*Girl Fortune Activity

Each guest will receive a white tee shirt in their size. Sandy's Land must receive proper size in writing two weeks prior to the scheduled party date. Supplies will include fabric paints, scissors, ribbon, wax paper, glitter, glue, and rhinestones. For the wearable body art there is a choice of Face Paint, Henna or Glitter Tattoos but not all of the above. You must make the decision when booking the party of which form of wearable body art. An additional $60 fee is added if you prefer two forms of  wearable body art, for example, Face Paint and Glitter Tattoos. Party will also include pink chair covers, sash, and carpet. It is $20 each additional guest.

Call 313-492-6953 to customize your party package or schedule a booking today. All parties require a deposit. A travel fee will be added if party location is beyond 20 or more from Northwest Detroit (Meyers & Six Mile).

Science Lab Experiments - Parties

Sandy's Land Science Lab Parties are great for Kindergarten up to 4th Grade (ages 3 to 11). We provide two to three experiments per party: Confetti Fun, It can Fly, Pink or Blue Fountain, Rain Cloud, Slime and or Elephant Toothpaste. The experiments will help increase motor and cognitive skills and science awareness with fun. All ingredients for experiments include non toxic household items.


Pajama Jam Science Girl Experiment Party $350
 2.5 Hours up to 20 Guest
*Table decor - (Bio hazard tape, Science Test Tubes, Liquid in Science Flask, etc.)
*2 Neon Balloon Bouquets
*Neon Paper plates, cups, and napkins
*2 Dozen Neon Cupcakes
*2 Science Experiments
*2 Games
*Face Painting
This party package includes the birthday girl. Pick IT and Rock Walk games are provided. One lab coat will be provided for the Birthday Girl. Gift bags for guest filled with science fun items.  Experiments will range from 15 to 40 minutes. Sandy's Land staff will need 30 minutes prior to set up.

Mad Scientist Experiment Party $200
2 Hours Up to 15 Guest
*2 Science Experiments
*2 Games
*Face Painting
*Science Trivia
This party package includes Science Trivia Gift Give-A-Way based on hands on poster display. Small gift items provided to each guest. Each experiment range from 15 to 40 minutes. Provide table with plastic covering and ample space to conduct experiments. We also base experiments on age of children. All ingredients for experiments are household supplies and are non toxic.

Silly Scientist Neon Experiment Party $250
2.5 Hours Up to 10 Guest
*2 Science Experiments
*1 Game
*Face Painting
*Art Project
*Glow Dance
Guest are encouraged to wear neon colors. Children will work together to create a special gift for Birthday Honoree. Face Paint will include neon paints. Silly Scientist will create an xylophone, turn off the lights and glow dance to some Pop/R&B music. Neon cup cakes and crazy punch. Neon table cloth, plates, cups and table decor.


Kid's Krazy Experiment Party $195
1.5 Hours up to 10 Guests - Ages 3 to 5
*2 Science Projects - Rain Cloud and SLIME
*Cheek Art or Arts & Craft
This party package Science Experiment is hands on and include two senses sight and touch. Kid's will be introduced to the fun of science. The simple arts and craft project will include abstract droplet design on construction paper or wax painting. It is $10 per additional child.

All parties require a deposit and a travel fee will be added if party is 20 minutes beyondNorthwest Detroit, (Northwest Activity Center) Six Miles and Meyers. Travel fee will not exceed $30. To book or customize your Science Lab Party call 313-492-6953. Parties are good for sleep overs, child receiving a great report card marking, birthday party or just because.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Belly, Body and Face Painting

Sandy's Land Provide Face, Body and Belly Art

Belly Art is one of the fasting growing forms of body art where parents can celebrate the birthing process of their little bundle of joy. This is a great opportunity to take photographs with the family or just with Mom and her Baby Bump. Below is Belly Bump Package, Bloom, Butterfly Belly and Art of the Sankofa Bird and Sun by Ms. Sandy. Sankofa is an African Adinkra Symbol. The bird looks backward with the egg of the future in her beak constantly checking as she moves into the future. Never forget your pass as your build a better future.

Belly art is $75 and up. This will include the consultation. We will discuss theme and color preference. In addition, sketches and or sample designs will be provided. If you would like photographs done with a backdrop that will include additional fees. Painting time can range from 30 minutes or several hours depending on the design. Back drop can be included for photographs of Mommy and the Family. Call 313-492-6953 to ask about our SPECIAL.

Body Painting is great for Fashion Shows, Bridal Showers, Fundraisers, Club/Lounge Parties, Halloween Contest, Couples Night/Surprise and Family Fun Photographs. Below are two back paintings: Shark Attack and Dragon Fire and Ice. Body paintings can range from $100, $150, $200 and up.

Face Painting is the most popular form of entertainment and will add fun, laughter and a splash of color to your next event. We have designs for all ages, male, female and unisex.
$100 for 1 Hour, $130 for 1.5 Hours, $160 for 2 Hours, $210 for 3 Hours,
$300 for 4 Hours, $390 for 5 Hours.
A 50% deposit is required to hold party date and the balance is due the day of service. Continue to scroll down blog post to see Sample Face Paint Designs.
To book your Belly, Body or Face Painting Service call