Friday, November 25, 2011

10 Tips to GROW Your Business

                              10 Tips to GROW Your BUSINESS
Do YOU want to increase your income? Tis the SEASON to have a side job, turn your hobby into a business, start a part-time hustle into money making machine.

1.       You must stand out from the crowd. Create all of your marketing materials to have a lasting impression. Your business cards should contain a photo of you and your work. Authors should always include a copy of their book cover.

2.       People rarely keep flyers, create a business card that includes your product and or program, in addition to the website, email address and contact number.

3.       Leave your website address on your voicemail so that potential clients can access your information about your product or services while you’re out of the office.

4.       Procrastination is a form of personal Assassination. Set goals and deadlines on them. Then post your goal sheet where it can be viewed daily, for example, next to your computer; on your office wall, or on your bathroom mirror. Lastly, if your project is urgent carry your goal sheet in your purse, create as your screen saver, post it on your vehicle dash board and set as your daily alarm on your cell phone.

5.       Create give-a-ways with your logo, website address and contact number. These items should be based on daily use: note pad, pens, key chain, mini hand sanitizers, pocket size mints, and or sunglasses/eyeglass case.

6.       Volunteer to help an organization. BLESSINGS come from tiding your time. It’s an opportunity to learn something new, establish new friendship, and it is great networking.

7.       Entertainers, Authors, and Event Planners can increase their business 10% - 30% with vehicle advertising. Car magnets, window graphics or car wraps are great for marketing.

8.       Include testimonies from clients on your website, flyer's or postcards. People are impressed by others opinion. This also provides legitimacy of your work.

9.       Support other business owners. Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

10.   Make money while promoting your business and other business’, find a sponsor for your website, monthly newsletter and or blog.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Girl Power Discover the Princess Within

Girl Power Discover the Princess Within is written and illustrated by Sandra Epps. Cover design by Jason Phillips.

This is an inspirational interactive story/journal for Girls ages 6 - 11.

Step into Lavender's world and discover the meaning of friendship, self love, and how her fast feet save the day... and that every girl is a princess. Girls will love this book because it's filled with drama, humor and self help tips. Readers will be intrigued by the snobby, down- right mean girls, April, Nia and Tamyra to the sweet and silly, Kooky Keisha and Olivia. The Girls of Berry Lane will delight annoy and entertain children of all ages. In addition, children will learn how to combat negativity and turn up the volume on their personal power.

                           (Here's a sneak peek at part of Chapter 2 before final edit)

Time passed slowly as Ms. Thomas shared the assignments with the class. With the happiest gesture, waving her hands back and forth to get the students’ attention, Ms. Thomas announced, “I have decided to pair up students for the 3F, First Friday Field trip assignment. Both students must take good notes and write a paper on six interesting facts about the exhibition. Lavender, I want you and April to pair up for the Mummies Exhibition!”
Lavender quickly shouted, “NO WAY Ms. Thomas! That will never work!”
April chimed in, “For the first time, I totally agree with Blossom Girl!”
A few students burst into laughter.
Ms. Thomas said, “I think you girls will work great together.”
Nia and Olivia were partners. Tamyra was totally disgusted to have Kooky Keisha as a partner, so she folded her arms and pouted for the rest of the class period.
Lavender’s walk home from school that day seemed like an eternity. She lived only three blocks away from her Blue Ribbon School. The ten-minute walk home for her took a total of thirty minutes.
April and her grandparents lived next door to Lavender’s family home and bakery, Sweet Delights. April’s grandmother, Ms. Margaret, was sweet, but her job was to spoil April rotten.
“So why does she need a birthday party? Ms. Margaret showers her with gifts almost every day.” Lavender felt horrible as she continued to mumble to herself. “She is such a goodie-two-shoes!”
Olivia walked slowly beside her and said, “Lavender, who are you talking to?”
“No one, just wondering why some mean people can have all the luck! That April makes me SICK! She’s nothing but a show off!”
“So you’re still upset about her pulling your chair from underneath you in class last week, huh?” Olivia reminded her again of the cruel joke.
“No, I had forgotten about that, but thanks for reminding me, comedian Olivia!”
“Lavender, it was funny, but I do understand that it was not cool at all. And the wise crack today with her calling you Blossom Girl was awful, too.” Olivia quietly snickered. “April is just jealous because you ace every test. You get the best grades in the entire school! If you noticed, she did not complain much about having you as a partner either. She will definitely get a better grade with your help.”
“Olivia, thanks for the compliment, but I’m not happy to have the Princess Wicked Witch Girl as a partner for 3F!” Lavender smacked her lips and rolled her eyes.
“I don’t trust that Princess goodie-two-shoes, April!”

            Book Release Party and Metro Detroit Mini Book Tour dates are COMING Soon!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life's Simple Pleasure Has Big Rewards!

Reading to a child at infancy aid in their brain development. This also increase the emotional bond between parent and child. Simple page turning in front of a baby will fine tune their motor and cognitive skills along with increase eye muscles.

 Reading Has Great Rewards:
  •  It Builds SELF-ESTEEM because the more KNOWLEDGE you gain the more CONFIDENT you become.
  • It improves your CREATIVITY because you become more INNOVATIVE.
  • It helps with problem solving, spark new life interest and reduces bordem.
  • It reduces stress because it easily distract a person from their problem.
  • It increase vocabulary, improves spelling and writing skills.
  • It gives you the opportunity to explore other parts of the world and various cultures.
  • It introduces YOU to something NEW!

Research show that children who begin reading at an early age make better life decisions.
Five great books your child will LOVE:

 The Adventures of Princess Zaria by Cheryl Lynn Pope
Who I Am Not What I am by Tara Michener
My Future is Bright Because by Jabril Muhammad
How Tuya Loves Herself by Kenya Harper
The Magic Pencil by Karen Dabney

Sandra Epps reads her first children's book, "Imani Has The Most Exciting Dream! at Ladels Children's Book Boutique, Authors Book Fair in 2009.