Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life's Simple Pleasure Has Big Rewards!

Reading to a child at infancy aid in their brain development. This also increase the emotional bond between parent and child. Simple page turning in front of a baby will fine tune their motor and cognitive skills along with increase eye muscles.

 Reading Has Great Rewards:
  •  It Builds SELF-ESTEEM because the more KNOWLEDGE you gain the more CONFIDENT you become.
  • It improves your CREATIVITY because you become more INNOVATIVE.
  • It helps with problem solving, spark new life interest and reduces bordem.
  • It reduces stress because it easily distract a person from their problem.
  • It increase vocabulary, improves spelling and writing skills.
  • It gives you the opportunity to explore other parts of the world and various cultures.
  • It introduces YOU to something NEW!

Research show that children who begin reading at an early age make better life decisions.
Five great books your child will LOVE:

 The Adventures of Princess Zaria by Cheryl Lynn Pope
Who I Am Not What I am by Tara Michener
My Future is Bright Because by Jabril Muhammad
How Tuya Loves Herself by Kenya Harper
The Magic Pencil by Karen Dabney

Sandra Epps reads her first children's book, "Imani Has The Most Exciting Dream! at Ladels Children's Book Boutique, Authors Book Fair in 2009.


  1. Great post! Thanks for the shout-out. United Way offers a program where kids ages 5 and under receive free books monthly. The name of the program is called Imagination Library(I think Dolly Parton founded it)

    1. Cheryl, You are so resourceful. Thank you for all that you do!

  2. I completely agree great post! I need to copies of the recomended books in your list, By the way I love the picture, the children seem really engaged and focused on the reading of "Imani Has The Most Exciting Dream!"

    1. Thank you for the positive feed back Kalyn. I really enjoyed connecting with that group of young people, we had a ball.

  3. Thanks for the introduction. I have a few already. Thanks for sharing Imani Has The Most Exciting Dream with our Family Math and Lit Affair participants and a wonderful job of helping everyone get into character with your beautiful designs.