Thursday, October 30, 2014

10 Tips to Keep Children Safe this Halloween

1.      Parents should always accompany children when they go door-to-door to trick-or-treat. Statistic shows that one in nine parents will allow their child who is five years of age or younger go trick-or-treat without adult supervision. Every child twelve and under should be supervised when going out for Halloween.

2.      Always carry a flashlight and a fully charged cell phone during Halloween or Harvest festivities. Flash lights are good to avoid dark areas, pot holes, and uneven curbs when out walking in the evenings. Of course cell phones are good for an emergency.

3.      Parents should purchase costume without sharp or points on the accessories. Make sure costume with swords, cane or sticks have blunt edges. Costume should not be baggy, extremely long or loose fitted because this can cause injury. Make sure that your child’s costume fits properly, this includes their shoes. And most important, make sure costume is fire resistant. Statistics reveal that there is a 50% increase of accident and injury during Halloween season.

4.      Consider face painting instead of wearing a mask for Harvest or Halloween celebrations. Frontal mask are made with elastic band or two-tie strings to hold mask in place and this allows the mask to move around the face causing obstruction of view. Even more troublesome is a full hood mask that slips over the entire head. These hood mask can be diffult for breathing. When children are out traveling on foot in the dark wearing a mask  does distort their peripheral vision, it's hard to look from left to right or up and down. Majority mask will only allow an individual to see directly in front of them. Consequently, mask can be a dangerous hazard causing children to trip often when walking or unable to see moving cars, etc.

5.      Replace candles with LED lights for lanterns. According to the National Fire Protection Agency over 11, 000 structural fires are caused by candles.

6.      Turn on exterior lights. The more light your home provides this helps children to travel safely along the streets. In addition, more light will ward off trespassers or any form of criminal activity.

7.      Make sure candy is checked first by Police before consumption. Or have your child to participate with a private event such as a Trick or Trunk at a local church or block club event where you trust the individuals hosting the event.
8.      Discuss Safety tips with your child before they go door-to-door or attend Harvest or Halloween festivities.

9.      Make sure your children wear costumes that come with reflectors such as fireman, police officer, construction worker. Or purchase reflectors to stick on their costume.

10.  Become a Halloween Helper and patrol your block while children go door-to-door. Become a Traffic Wand Helper, stand at the corner of your block with a Flash Light or Glow in the Dark Wand to assist children crossing the street. You then become a visible assistant. Dress Up and include teenagers to become Halloween Helpers, this provides a safe presence for children and this deter criminal activity. Instead of handing out candy provide children with fruit snacks, small toy items, school supplies, or books.

Face and Body Painting by Ms. Sandy
Check out this Video for a vew quick tips by Sandra Epps aka Ms. Sandy


  1. Great tips Sandy. I shared them with my networks. #9 is important so that kids can be seen by cars.

    1. Thank YOU The Adventures of Princess Zaria aka Cheryl Pope for your response.

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