Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Mask verse Face Painting...

Often times when children wear costumes during Halloween their mask can be a hindrance. If a child is playing with a mask on his or her face, any sudden movement can create an obstruction of their view. The Halloween Mask eye holes can shift causing a child to trip and or even fall. We must remember Halloween Mask are made for one size fits most. Every child and adult head size differ and Halloween Mask are created to fit standard sizes: child, youth and or adult whatever measurement that is, ((ugh)).

 Frontal mask are made with elastic band or two string tie on back to hold mask in place or a full hood mask that slips over the entire head. When children are out traveling on foot in the dark wearing a mask may distort their peripheral vision. Majority mask will only allow an individual to see what is directly in front of them. So a person would need to turn their head in the director they to get the best view, consequently, Trick or Treating can become dangerous if a child can not use their peripheral vision. This may cause a serious problem with children who are crossing the street, walking pass an alley, or haphazardly stumble on debris. 

Face Painting can make your child's Halloween experience FUN and SAFE. You can go to your local Arts & Craft store to get paints to create a face painting for your child. ALWAYS use paints made for the Body that are FDA approved. NEVER use ACRYLIC Paints on the body. Practice your designs in advance or contact a professional to do your Halloween make up, its worth your child's safety. For Cheek Art tips go to or visit to hire a face painter.

Credit: Pumpkin Face Painting done by Sandra Epps

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