Tuesday, October 19, 2010

7 Simple and Affordable Tips to Make your Child's Birthday Special!

7 Simple and AffordableTIPS to Make your Child's Birthday Special!
Things you will need:

Fabric Paint
Pillow Case
Tee Shirt
Cake/Cookie Icing in a tube
Easy Bake Cookies
Cake Decorating Supplies
Face Paint

1. Purchase fabric markers and or fabric paints in squeeze bottles. Take the tee shirt in child size and have friends and family create (write or draw) special message to child on shirt, let dry and present to child. This is a favorite when a special relative to the child participates with this personal wearable art Gift to Birthday Child. This same idea can be done with by decorating a pillow case. Glow-in-the- dark paint is great! Small children really enjoy reading their inspirational messages on their pillow case as they drift off to sleep. GREAT collaborative project!

Decorating the tee shirt or pillow case can be done during the
party. This is a great party activity for guest. Make sure wax paper or card board is placed in the center of shirt or pillow case to stop the paint from soaking through to opposite side.
2. Purchase a small face paint kit from local arts & craft store and let children paint one another. Or hire professional face painter to turn children into wearable art. www.sandysland.com

3. Hire children's author to come read their book and to do arts & craft project with children. For example, each child can decorate a picture frame. Then take a group photo of party guest and make copies to give to each guest for their personalized picture frame keep-sake.
4. After singing happy birthday to the child have each guest to say what they like most about the child, and end with applauds and or hip hip hooray to ______ (Birthday Child).

5. Have child's best friend and or special family members (grandparents, aunt, uncle or cousin) decorate birthday cake for the child as a surprise. So then there are two cakes one for the guest and the smaller cake decorated/personalized just for the birthday child.

6. Bake cookies and have each guest to decorate cookies and exchange amongst one another or give to birthday child.

7. As a parting gift to guest include a copy of the Birthday Child's favorite book signed by them and the author.
For your child's party needs contact Sandy's Land at info@sandysland.com

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