Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chocolate Treats!

Chocolate is always a favorite for children and adults. This recipe below is good for holiday gifts, a party activity for children, bake sale items or just to have as a delicious snack. Chocolate covered Apples, Pretzels and Cookies are easy and fun to make. Here's what you need to provide treats for a few friends and family  during the Holiday.


2 - 3 bags of Candy Melts or Baking Chocolate
1 bag of granulated peanuts
1 box of graham crackers
1  large pack of oreo cookies
1 bag of large pretzels
1 roll of wax paper
5 - 12 apples
12 candy or popsicle sticks for apples

Clean apples with water and baking soda or fruits/vegetable cleaner from your local food market. Make sure apples are dry and place stick in center of stem in each apple. On clean table top, cover area with wax paper. Crush 5 - 10 graham crackers in bowl and set a side with large spoon to sprinkle as topping over dipped items. Place granulated peanuts in separate bowl with spoon. Take 5 to 10 oreo cookies, remove icing from center, crush, then place in separate bowl with spoon. Place chocolate in non stick pan on low until chocolate has melted. If you are using white and dark chocolate you  need two separate cooking pans. Make sure all food items are on wax paper and toppings (sprinkles) are in separate bowls. IMPORTANT: you will have to work fast because the chocolate dries fast. Children will need supervision.

After chocolate has melted begin to stick items in chocolate and immediately sprinkle or dip into crushed graham crackers, oreo cookie or granulated peanuts. Do not stick sprinkled items back into the chocolate if you missed a spot, use a spoon to cover area. Let items cool on wax paper and cover with clear plastic wrap and tie with bow and personalize message for an extra added touch. This recipe will delight all of your guest, friends and family GUARANTEED!

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  1. Yes, I created those delicious chocolate treats and it was a hit for my Family and at the Christmas office party.

  2. Girl,

    You know chocolate is Princess Zaria's addiction and mine. I may need to hire you for our upcoming Chocolate Party in February. You Rock!!!

    1. Cheryl, I totally understand. Chocolate is my weakness, LOL!